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UCO - Arc Flashlight and Lighter

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Arc Flashlight and Lighter - lygte og lighter i en.

At first glance, it’s a cool, rechargeable LED flashlight that pumps out some serious light. Flip open the locking, spring-loaded bezel, and you’ll find a dual-arc plasma lighter tucked inside.

The Arc Lighter & Flashlight features two functions in one. The 100-lumen flashlight features a high mode, low mode, and emergency strobe feature. Rechargeable via mini-USB, the Arc Lighter & Flashlight features a 340mAh internal lithium-ion battery which also powers the dual-arc plasma lighter.

Unlike traditional flame-driven lighters, the Arc uses electricity as its ignition source by passing an electrical current between electrodes on the tip of the device, creating a 1400-degree burn. This also provides for efficient, windproof lighting.

The flashlight and the plasma lighter are both operated by the same power button. In flashlight mode, the power button cycles between the high, low, and strobe modes. In lighter mode, you simply hold the button to keep the torch lit. The Arc’s spring-loaded lid makes it easy to use, and a locking bail keeps the lid from coming open in a pack, pocket, or container.

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Vandbeskyttelse: IPX4
Genopladelige batterier: Ja
Mål: 10 x 3,5 x 2,5 mm
Vægt: 136 g
Batteri: Li-Ion
Antal batterier: 1 stk
Batterier inkluderet: Ja
Lysstyrke: 100 Lumen