Re:claim Spray

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Your sports bag, your running shoes and your outdoor jacket are selected by you so that you have the sports gear that helps you pushing your limits.
When using the Re:claim Spray, you can keep your sport gear fresh and odour free, no matter if you use it in your shoes, your bag or your outdoor jacket.
Re:claim Spray is easy to use and fits nicely in your training bag.

Model/varenr.: 450003
  • Removes sweat odour in shoes and sports equipment etc.
  • Leaves no stains
  • Works on all types of material
  • Contains environmental friendly surfactants
  • Made and produced in Sweden


Good Environmental Selection

We believe that washing detergents can be tough on grime and bad odors while being gentle with our environment. We strive to eco-label all our products with the Swedish Environmental Protection Association’s GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL SELECTION. Currently, our Re:Claim Original and Sensitive have the Bra Miljoval. We also have the asthma label for Re:Claim Sensitive. We hope to have all our products eco-labelled so every time you buy any of Re:Claim products, you help take good care of our environment.

Research & Development

We continue to improve our series of liquid washing detergents, as well as all other Re:Claim products. Since 2016, we dedicate our product research and development to manufacture high performing cleaning products for sports, work, equestrian and baby clothings. We hope to totally eliminate all your odor problems, one Re:Claim product at a time.


Unlike other detergents, all Re:Claim series do not contain enzymes. The enzymes effectively break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates residues. However, these same enzymes can also break down textile fibers in the absence of stains.

Don’t let the bad smell distract or embarrass you. With Re:Claim, you can finally focus on your goals without worrying about getting smelly in the middle of your training or workout routine.

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