Petromax - Enamel Pan - 1 ltr

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Durable steel pan with enamelled surface and wooden handle
Why the Enamel Pan is a reliable lightweight for cooking adventures

• light and durable cookware for the outdoor kitchen
• scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surface
• scaling on the inside of the pot
• for all fireplaces and stove types
• natural heat protection for handling thanks to wooden handle

With the Petromax Enamel Pan cooking does not only get a nostalgic notion but is also an easy task. During trips through nature or when camping: The robust enamel cookware is an ideal companion thanks to its low weight. The wooden handle functions as natural heat shield and eases handling over the fire. That way, quick snacks are done in no time.

Thanks to the scaling on the inside, you can also measure correctly when on the way with your pot. The surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. With the Enamel Pan you have cookware that completely fulfils your expectations on an easy handling and care. Thus, you can fully commit to your adventure.






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Materiale: enamelled steel; stainless steel, wood