Maurten - Solid 160 - Basic Bar - 55g

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Back to basics. Solid reinvents by removing everything but the essentials.

The result is a performance-focused oat-and-rice-based chewable.

It may look like a bar, feel like a bar, and taste like a bar — but it’s definitely not a run-of-the-mill bar.

This is SOLID. 

Maurten Solid 160 is a two-piece, oat- and rice-based chewable fuel — 1 pack, 2 mini-bars. 40 grams of carbohydrates split into equal 20-gram servings for optimized fueling.

Your go-to fuel — fast, light, low-fiber, and carbohydrate-rich.

SOLID is our first non-Hydrogel product, developed using our founding principles — science, the athlete, nutrition, and innovating performance. 

SOLID 160 and SOLID 160 C are fast and light carbohydrate-rich, low fiber fuel sources — the perfect complement to your Hydrogel fueling.

SOLID 160 is sweet and natural. SOLID 160 C contains cocoa, offering a taste alternative or flavor reset during training or racing. 

Sorry, it’s not Hydrogel.

But it’s unapologetically Maurten. 

All part of the plan.

Solid contains 40 grams of carbohydrates, the same as Gel 160 and Drink Mix 160. Whichever fuel mode you choose, measuring your energy is simple. It’s Maurten’s modular fueling system, making it easier for athletes to calculate their carbohydrate consumption during training and racing. 

Break it down.

A Solid wrapper encapsulates 2 mini-bars — 20 grams of carbohydrates in each. Eat it all or save half for later. Break down your training. Break down your race. Break down your fuel.

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Nutrition facts
Per 100g / Serving (2 x 27,5 = 55g)
1555 kJ, 368 kcal /
855 kJ, 202 kcal
– of which saturates
6 g / 3 g
0.9 g / 0.5 g
– of which sugar
72.7 g / 40 g
31.3 g / 17.2 g
Fiber 3 g / 1.7 g
Protein 4.3 g / 2.3 g
Salt 1.10 g / 0.61 g
Additives Emulsifier (Lecithin) (E322)
from Sunflower
  • Fructose-glucose Syrup
  • Gluten-free Oat
  • Maltodextrin
  • Rice flour
  • Sugar
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Glucose Syrup
  • Rice Bran
  • Salt
  • Emulsifier (Lecithin)
  • Rice extract