Gu Electrolyt Tabs - Strawberry Lemonade (12 stk.)

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Strawberry Lemonade is a combo too delicious to pass up. The sweet flavor of a bright red strawberry is perfectly matched by the zip of tart lemonade. Pleasantly refreshing and just sweet enough to make the taste buds smile, this flavor never gets old.

Pop, Drop, & GO.

GU Hydration Drink Tabs are designed to keep you hydrated during any activity and in all conditions. Tablets are easily dissolved in 500 ml of water, perfect for dropping into a sport bottle or bike bottle for hydration on-the-go.

The light, effervescent tablets are also appropriate for everyday use, during training, travel, and hot weather, or anytime you need a hydration boost.

The 12-tablet portable tubes easily fit in pockets, jerseys, and running belts. All flavors are caffeine-free and made with vegan ingredients.

Sodium is the primary electrolyte lost in sweat and crucial to replace during exercise to help avoid dehydration, and a more serious low blood sodium condition known as hyponatremia. Hyponatremia can be life-threatening, and athletes are at a greater risk of developing it either by drinking too much plain water, or by losing too much sodium through sweat.

GU uses organic Stevia, an all-natural plant-based sweetener from the botanical world, and cane sugar.

Hydration Drink Tabs are safe for children.

Hydration Drink Tabs are gluten-free and vegan friendly!

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