Victorinox - Classic Alox Limited Edition 2022

329,00 DKK
  • Limited edition pocket knife in timeless Thunder Gray colorway
  • Swiss made pocket knife with embossed and anodized aluminum scales and 5 functions
  • Collectible model with the year 2022 printed on the back

The Alox Limited Edition is back for 2022 in its most elemental and striking form yet.

Resolutely timeless in its aesthetic, this year it’s decked out in Thunder Gray.

Inspired by the energy of a storm, this strong knife exudes timeless sophistication.

Crafted in the finest quality Swiss made aluminum, our Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2022 is embossed and anodized for durability.

Invest in a bold collectible.

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Height 6 mm
Length 58 mm
Width 18 mm
Weight 16 g
Material Alox 
Blade lockable No 
One hand blade No 
No. of features
Color Gray 
  1. Nail file
  2. Screwdriver 2.5 mm
  3. Blade, small
  4. Key ring
  5. Scissors