Moonvalley - Red Beetroot & Orange bar - 50g

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Of course you want to bring veggies with you at all times! So do we!

We Swedes love our root veggies and the healthy and filling beetroot is a Moonvalley favorite for sure.

We just had to make a beetroot bar!

The earthy deep taste of beetroot deserves a fresh sidekick so we paired it with organic citrus oil, and it turned out great. Now you don’t just get the great taste and energy but also a bit of veggies on your next adventure.

Being professional athletes, the three of us have chewed on our fair share of energy bars and can say without a doubt that all energy bars are not created equal.

Our organic Oats & Dates bars are the result of us asking the simple question, “what would our dream bar taste like?” The combination of organic oats and organic dates sets the stage for a great tasting bar packed with carbs (energy) and a delightful sweetness.

For us that’s the perfect nutritional base for long days in the mountains - then it was just a matter of dialing in our favorite tastes.

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Organic Energy Bar – Red Beet & Orange (50 g)

Oates & Dates

Ingredients - English: Date paste 39%*, rice syrup*, oats 17%*, pea protein*, coconut flakes*, cocoa butter*, beetroot powder 2,3%*, salt, natural aromas (lemon oil, orange oil 0,2%, aroma). *certified organic ingredient. 100% certified organic ingredients SE-EKO-04.

Allergens: May contain traces of milk, egg and soy.

Nutritional Information, 100 g / 50 g:

Energi/energy: 1638 kJ - 390 kcal / 819 kJ -195 kcal

Fett/fat: 13 g / 6,5 g
- Varav mättat fett: 8,5 g / 4,2 g

Kolhydrater/Carbohydrates: 54 g / 27 g
- Varav sockerarter/of which sugars: 38 g / 19 g

Fiber/fibre: 1 g / 5 g 

Protein/protein: 9,2 g /  4,6 g

Salt/salt: 0,52 g / 0,26 g